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Your Dog's Food and Water Bowls

Making the best bowl selection to suit your dog's needs

You might not give a lot of thought to the food and water bowls that you choose for old Spot other than maybe picking something in a color that you like. But what about your dog's needs? Whether your canine companion eats and drinks indoors and/or outdoors or whether he or she is short with long ears or tall with pointy ears, there's a dish to suit every dog's needs.

Here's just a brief sample of the types of food dishes that you might consider using for your dog:

  • Adjustable height feeders to grow with your dog
  • Ant-proof dishes
  • Attachable bowls for cages, crates, and kennels
  • Bowls with rear splash guards
  • Collapsible bowls for easy transport and eating on the go
  • Disposable food dishes
  • Elevated feeding platforms with removable dishes and available with metal, plastic, and wood bases
  • Food-storage feeders
  • Galvanized metal bowls to prevent rusting
  • Gravity feeders
  • Long-eared/clean ear bowls for your floppy-eared companion
  • Non-skid bowls
  • Non-tip dishes
  • Puppy feeding pans
  • Timed feeder bowls with icepack capabilities to keep food fresh

Water bowls for your dog also come in a wide variety of styles. They include:

  • Automatically refilled water dishes that connect to a garden hose, some that are galvanized to prevent rusting
  • Combination food and water dishes, some with a built-in water dispenser
  • Gravity water feeders
  • Heated bowls
  • Kennel buckets, some with flat backs and/or heat
  • Re-circulating fountain-style water bowls with or without a storage reservoir and/or filters
  • Spill-proof water bowls
  • Traveling water storage containers with attached drinking compartments and/or filters
  • Water "lickers" that attach to faucets/spigots

Dog dishes, whether for food or water, are available in a variety of materials. Base your selection on factors such as ease of cleaning, durability - especially for a dog that likes to chew more than just their food, and resistance to the build-up of germs and unsightly deposits. The most common dog bowl compositions are:

  • Ceramic
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Stainless steel

The best choices are not only dishwasher safe, but are those that have minimal chances of leaching any possible materials back into your dog's food or water supply. Some dishes are even coated with an antimicrobial agent to aid in fighting germs.

Do yourself a favor and consider investing in one of the many dog food storage containers that are now readily available on the market. Such bins can be found as wall-mounted dispensing units, stackable bins with front access, and ones with wheels for ease in maneuverability. Not only do such containers keep Spot's food fresher, but they'll also make filling his dishes that much easier for you.

Last but not least, use a food scoop with measuring capabilities to avoid overfilling Fido's bowl. Some scoops can even be used as a closure clip for the food bag. A placemat to confine any messes and to aid in cleanup is also a nice final addition to creating your dog's dining area. Spot will think he's in doggy heaven at the Doggie Diner.

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