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Your Cat's Health
Your Cat's Nutrition
Grooming Your Cat

Your Cat's Habitat

While you're searching for the perfect feline friend to welcome into your world, there are a number of topics that you should consider. One of the most important areas to analyze is your cat's habitat.

We'll provide pointers and take you right from the very beginning when your cat makes its initial journey to your home. From the car ride to kitty's first day and night in his or her new surroundings and right on through their first time spent home alone, we'll ease your fears as well as any tensions that might surface for your new bundle of joy.

To ensure the safest possible environment for your cat, we'll give you a long list of items, conditions, foods, medications, objects, and plants to minimize your cat's contact with if not eliminate altogether. We'll also discuss the items to have in your pet's first aid kit and give you important information about the Animal Poison Control Center.

Perhaps a commonly overlooked subject of discussion for potential cat owners is the consideration given to selecting the best location for your cat's litter box. We'll give you critical advice on this sometimes-smelly subject.

While a litter box isn't the only source of potential cat odors, we'll list numerous products to help you win the battle against litter box smells as well as other pointers and products to control or avoid additional unpleasant aromas from the occasional "accident" and/or scent-marking residuals of your kitty companion.

Our wish for you is that bringing your new cat home will be smooth sailing and sweet smelling if you read these articles ahead of time. Plan ahead and make your cat's transition to your home a calm, safe, and odor-free series of events.


Environmentally Safe Clumping and Non-Clumping Litter

A wide variety of pet litters is now available on the market, many of which are more environmentally safe than traditional clay-based litters.

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