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Grooming Your Cat

Keeping your kitty looking gorgeous has more benefits to it than you might first imagine. In this section of articles, we provide insight into such benefits as well as give pointers on how to groom successfully your cat.

We break you in gently by listing the wide array of grooming products that you might need or want to have in your cat's beauty kit. We walk you through a typical grooming session and tell you what to look for along the way. We even throw in a few pointers for those who are uncomfortable with the idea of grooming and for those whose cats are, shall we say - difficult - to groom. Self-grooming suggestions are also made.

While bathing your cat is perhaps the last thing on earth that you'd like to do, we give you encouragement to aid you in the process and to make sure that both you and the cat survive in one piece. All kidding aside, we discuss various cat bathing products, both for the traditional style of bathing and the "waterless" variety.

If you're still not sold on the idea of grooming you cat, we present you with an article dedicated to defining the benefits of such a routine. We look at things from a physical, mental, and emotional level when discussing such benefits.

If you understand the need for your cat to be groomed and for whatever reason you can't do the grooming yourself, we share with you a list of suggestions and questions to ask potential professional groomers who can provide you with such assistance. Don't overlook this article just because you're able to groom your cat; the time might come when you need the immediate assistance of a groomer and it's best to have done your research ahead of time.

Get a handle on the benefits and procedures involved with keeping your kitty coifed to the max. Not only will they look better, but they'll feel better as well…unless of course they don't like being bathed. Just kidding!

Our Top Articles

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The Benefits of Grooming Your Cat
Physical, mental, and emotional benefits

Choosing a Qualified Cat Grooming Professional
Your best friend in a time of "cat coat crisis"

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