Urine Marking In Cats

In our recent discussion about preventing behavioral problems in your cat, we talked briefly about the not-so-nice topic of spraying. Also known as urine marking, this fragrant form of kitty communication often purr-plexes human beings to the point that they become severely frustrated and willing to get rid of their feline friend in order to put an end to the putrid problem. The first thing … [Read More...]

Helpful Advice for Happy & Healthy Pets

Clicker Training Your Dog

If you know anything about dogs (and I really hope that you do because we make such amazing furr-ever friends), you probably know that there are a few things in life that pretty much always grab our attention. One of our all-time favorites include … [Read More...]

Preventing Behavioral Problems in Your Cat

Answer me this, purr-lease - why is it that I've heard human beings say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure," yet I've seldom heard of them actually taking such an approach when it comes to the cats in their life? Whether they're … [Read More...]

Cold Weather and Your Canine Companion

The first day of winter - which was also National Keep Pets Safe in Winter Day - has long since passed, but the risks associated with me and my furry friends being exposed to chilly weather are still cold hard facts. I'm fortunate that my Husky coat … [Read More...]

Suffering from Kitty “Cat-choos?”

While the members of the kitty kingdom like to think we’re better than dogs on every level known to humankind, we’re not very happy about the unenviable distinction that the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has bestowed upon us that reports … [Read More...]