10 Essential Dog Grooming Tools

Keep your doggie looking his best with these must-have accessories

In between bathing sessions, maintain the health and beauty of your dog’s coat by using these effective pet care tools, recommended by professional groomers.

A properly groomed dog is a handsome, happy dog. To help keep your pet’s coat looking its best, you’ll need to invest in some essential tools to use before and after each bathing session. Below are some of the most important implements recommended by today’s professional dog groomers:

  1. Brushes: There are three main types of dog brushes on the market. The most versatile are bristle brushes, which can be used on most any breed. For woolly coats, wire pin bristles usually work best. Slicker bristles are most effective on canines with thick, dense undercoats.
  2. Combs: Used to untangle knotted hair, a comb is one of the most important tools in any dog groomer’s arsenal. If your dog has a soft, silky coat, you’ll want to purchase a fine-toothed comb. Medium-tooth combs can be used on any type of coat, while wide-tooth combs should be the choice for breeds with heavy, matted fur. Rubber curry combs are ideal for short-haired breeds, working to remove dead hair and massage the dog’s skin.
  3. Clippers & Blades: When it comes time to trim your dog’s coat for the warmer months, a high-quality clipper is essential. For ease of use, look for clippers that use snap-on blades. Some versions even accommodate snap-on combs.
  4. Clipper Vacuums: These innovative dog grooming products make trimming your pet much easier and neater by sucking up the loose hair as you cut, reducing the amount of cleanup.
  5. Nail Clippers: Dogs require regular cutting of their nails to minimize scratching of themselves and others. Be sure to choose a style that’s designed for your dog’s size.
  6. Scissors: For breeds that require more precise grooming or “finish styling”, specialized dog scissors or shears may be a valuable addition to your dog care toolkit. There are a variety of scissor types available, including curved shears, thinning shears, straight shears, and blunt-tipped shears.
  7. Bathing Systems: No need to haul a plastic tub outside. Today’s state-of-the-art bathing systems come equipped with easy spray nozzles, shampoo and conditioner dispensers, and more, making cleaning your pet a breeze.
  8. Dryers: If your dog has a thick, long coat, or if you live in a cold climate, you might want to invest in a high-quality dryer. There are several different styles available, from full-size cage dryers to free-standing versions.
  9. Grooming Tables: If you need to groom multiple dogs, you might want to consider purchasing a grooming table to make the process more comfortable for you. You can choose a fixed-height stationary model, or opt for a hydraulic version that lowers for easy mounting and then rises to meet your height.
  10. De-matting Tools: If your dog has a particularly dense or unruly coat that is prone to stubborn matting, you may need to unsnarl the fur with a special de-matting tool. These handy implements are designed to break up the matted area into more manageable sections, which can then be tackled with a standard comb or brush.