The Benefits of Adopting a Dog Instead of Buying One

I hope that you don’t take this the wrong way, but I have to confess that I’ve always been slightly confused by the reaction that many human beings seem to have to the concept of dog adoption. If you’re wondering how a handsome Husky like me has ever even encountered such a subject, trust me […]

Where To Buy your Dog?

The pros and cons of dealing with different dog sources. With so many dogs available for adoption or sale, you wouldn’t think we’d need to write an article about such a topic. Think of this as more of a pros and cons tip sheet; a listing of things that you should consider in relation to […]

The Cost of Dog Ownership

Seeing a box of adorable puppies available free at the local farmer’s market can cause almost anyone to lose touch with reality. Such people might suddenly find themselves at home with a new bundle of furry joy but absolutely no supplies on hand to properly take care of their new companion. Whether dog ownership comes […]

Choosing a Healthy Dog

Regardless if you’ve decided to get a purebred dog or a loving “mutt,” you’ll want to make sure that the dog you’re interested in offering your heart and home to is as healthy as they are happy. To help you make such a decision, we’d like to recommend that you follow a few general guidelines […]

The Benefits of Dog Ownership

The expected and unexpected bonuses of adding a dog to your family