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Birds Directory

  • Bird cages for Amazons

  • Designer bird cage - View our quality bird cages for Amazon and all smaller bird handcrafted in red oak and cherry wood

  • Bird evictors

  • Bird control products and installation


  • The Biggest Selection of Bird Cages and Parrot Play Stands at Discount Prices! All at the lowest prices Free Shipping.


  • We specialize in exotic birds, hand raised babies, grooming, nutrition, boarding and behavioral consultations. We also carry a full line of supplies for your feathery children.


  • Buteo Books specializes in Ornithology books, from birdwatching your backyard to textbooks for the serious ornithologist. When you need help finding books to find the birds, let our knowledgeable staff be of assistance.

  • The Birdcare Company

  • The Bird care company is spearheading a trade initiative to help ensure that the regulations controlling future bird sales are reasonable and managable.

  • African Grey Parrot

  • Hand-reared African Grey Parrots can make wonderful intelligent pets but make sure sure that they are hand-reared and cuddly-tame

  • Backyard Bird Watching

  • Attracting backyard birds and butterflies for bird watching.

  • Bird Watch Guide

  • Bird watching continues to grow in popularity every day, attracting people from all walks of life.

  • Birdwatching and Birding

  • Other useful bird and ornithological links, plus travel and conservation links

  • Boutique of Nicholas Park

  • Nicholas Park Boutique is a whimsical, quirky, unique shop that features hard-to-get, one-of-a-kind items such as handmade goatskin lamp.

  • BriskyRay Creations

  • Specializing in the creation of unique custom-made Dream Catchers and other crafts using your beloved birds feathers. Briskyray offers personalized gifts that are a joy to give or receive.


  • is a Web site featuring facts, stories, comics, photos, and sound files about the wild parrots of Brooklyn

  • Canadian Peregrine Foundation

  • The Canadian Peregrine Foundation! We are a Federally Chartered Canadian Registered Charity (a non profit group) dedicated to the restoration and recovery of endangered and threatened raptors (birds of prey) here in Canada.

  • CourierPostOnline

  • CourierPostOnline, the Courier-Post is South Jerseys information resource since 1875 - news, real estate, and classifieds online.

  • Deccan Herald

  • On the occasion of World Wildlife Week, PRAMOD SUBBARAO marvels at the variety of water birds in the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.

  • Encyclopedia

  • Information Please is the worlds largest free reference site. Here you can find facts on thousands of subjects including sports, entertainment,birds.

  • Feathered Follies

  • Feathered Follies™ is devoted to the well being of captive birds through nutrition and environment. We are hoping to educate, enlighten, delight, and entertain you with this site.

  • Feathers, Etc...

  • Custom design and build parrot gyms and stands. PERSONALIZED RECREATION FOR YOUR BIRD.

  • Feet in the Creek's Soap

  • Makers of handmade soap, bath and body products, and hand poured candles, Feet in the Creek also offers a most unusual line of gifts, home and garden decor, and fashion accessories.

  • For the Love of Birds

  • Handfed and hand tame baby cockatiels and lovebirds.

  • Fransbirdrescue

  • Exotic birds,parrots,adoption and placement, amazons, bird care, cages, bird supplies,bird behavior, parrot pictures african grey, timnah, senegal, seeds, nuts, pellets, supplies, rescue, information, and services also boarding, parrot art.

  • India Travel

  • Incredible India - India Travel Guide - Travel to India and find exclusive traveling and tour options with travelog to India.

  • Judy Leach's Parrots

  • Parrots-Learn about parrots; parrot care and training, parrot diseases, parrot pictures/traits. Parrots for sale. Questions answered.

  • Land of Physics and Fantasy

  • Gothos is a creative outlet for fantasy art and an educational site for black holes and gravitational waves. Diversity is nice, isnt it?

  • Lincolnshire Bird Club

  • Lincolnshire Bird Club - Contacts

  • Midwest Bird Hospital

  • This hospital has four fully equipped examining rooms. We also have a fifth, multi-purpose room for consultations.


  • - Comparison shopping and consumer written product reviews on movies, music, cell phones, books, airlines, cars, motorbikes.


  • Mayor's Lakefront Plan Goes To The Birds.

  • News dominica

  • There has been much discussion over the years in Dominica about its claim or lack thereof to Birds Island.

  • Parrot cages uk bird

  • Premier cages offer Parrot cages and bird cages, toys, play stands, feeders, air filters, high quality product against the best prices you can find in the UK.

  • Parrot Club of Manitoba

  • The Parrot Club of Manitoba provides an opportunity for people who are interested in parrots to get together to share information on the care, feeding and habits of their birds.

  • Parrot Expo .Com

  • Parrot Expo.Com is your one stop site for finding what's going on in the bird lover's world.

  • Parrots & Pets Advice

  • Parrots and Pets Advice. A Christian site devoted to the care & welfare of animals.

  • Pionus Parrot's Website

  • We raise 6 Pionus Parrot Species, selling sweet hand fed weaned babies. We also have an online bird toy part catalog and we sell Roudybush pellets and Scenic food.

  • Planned Parrothood.

  • An informative and interactive parrot website for people who are owned by their parrots.

  • Poozleanimus Parrots

  • Bird supplies, parrot food, cages, misters, gifts for parrots and their pet humans, plus a comprehensive directory and image gallery.

  • Portrait Of Your Dog

  • Beautiful and affordable Pet Portrait drawn of your dog, cat, parrot, horse or exotic pet from your photograph by animal artist Cherie Vergos.

  • Psittaculturist Parrot Breeding

  • Parrot breeding with growth details for large and smaller parrots, including rearing records showing amounts of food to feed at each age over the first few weeks

  • Robirda's Birds

  • Robirdas pet bird and canary care resources, with info on caring for and breeding your pet canaries, pictures, articles, stories.

  • Rock Creek Eclectus Parrots

  • Rock Creek Eclectus Parrots, offering quality handfed baby parrots, Kings Cages, and more.

  • Rockportroost

  • Description of our aviary, links to bird information bu conure species, helpful bird information

  • Scoop

  • Visitors can now get up close to the birds at Karori Wildlife Sanctuary due to their new ‘Bird Cam’.


  • R.I. sanctuary has folks flocking to see birds.


  • We decided to make this site so we have something to do when our pet people are too busy to pay attention to us. We hope you enjoy your visit - we know you will like this site better than Gordy or Mikie's - as their sites are totally boring

  • The Parrotlet Ranch

  • is the breeders who specialize in sweet hand-fed pets as well as rare species and subspecies of parrotlets.

  • Toucans

  • Toucans breeder specializing in toucans, toucanets, aracaris. Handfed tame baby toucans, breeder pairs. toucans toucan.

  • TravelLady Magazine

  • Travel around the world with our experts and learn the secrets of travel professionals.


  • Birds are such a joy to have as pets. They can be as faithful as a dog, they are clean like a house cat, and best of all they can communicate in our own language.

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